Day of Reckoning
With ageing comes changes. The leg strength and balance challenges of last year continued into this year. Our ride on June 15th of this year revealed the writing was on the wall. My wife and I went directly to Bull Falls Harley Davidson. With one hour before closing we were greeted by Christian De Jong and began the search. As a brand new 2024 model was beyond our budget we proceeded to used choices. There were 2 gotta haves, black and chrome, Vance and Hines, as always. Surprisingly, out of the 4 choices, that criteria was met. The trike was striking, but, still a bit beyond budget. With such an important decision I searched other options exhaustingly and narrowed it down to 3 others I wanted to see. Christian followed up with me on the next business day 2 days later. I expressed my situation and other choices. He managed to match a price of another dealer for same year trike and 'gotta' haves. Christian offered some good points against my 2 other choices and was very persistent in a pleasant way. Christian simply asked me to stop back in on my way to take a look at another trike many miles away. Because of Christians determination and personable manner, we did just that. Upon arriving Christian now had us within our budget, on a very fair deal. Christian provided much appreciated facts and information as well, and after many cups of coffee and hours, we rode home on that Ultra Glide. I guess it was meant to be. Had it not been for Christian I am not sure which other option I would have chosen. I wish to sincerely thank this fine young man. He saved me a lot of time and made what was turning into a head spin fiasco easy. Thankyou Christian.
david cole
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