Everyone and everything at Bull Falls!
From the moment I walked in the door, it felt like family! I was greeted and got to meet many of this wonderful staff. After losing my partner, who incidentally had brought my back to my roots, (grew up with dad having Harleys), I had come in to discuss the upcoming classes and saw the orange Freewheeler on the showroom floor. As I knew I needed to bring a trike to class, even though I had a friend that said I could use his, I couldn't get that orange Freewheeler out of my mind. It was a couple of weeks later, about a week before the class I went back and it was still there. Emi asked if I would like to sit on it. At first I said no, but couldn't resist, and when I sat on it, it felt like my man was right there with me, saying it was right. They could tell right away that I was a goner, I needed that bike to heal from the pain in my heart. So at the fine age of 62, I bought my own bike! She is MY Journey in the wind. I took the 3 wheel riding class and had such a great experience. Having only been a passenger since I was a child, I was a little rusty, but did well under their guidance. Now I ride as often as I can, and even though he's no longer with me, I ride for both of us. Life's to short not to take chances! (Employee: Barty Crowell, Dustin Perry, Emi Engle, Pookie Rosa)
Julie Dallman
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